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Harris Hawk
Holiday Specials


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*Variety Collections Include:
Eagles, Owls, Hawks, Eastern Screech Owls, and Songbirds

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Support Our Avian Ambassadors Today!

The VINS RISE program is a great way to support your favorite VINS ambassador animal and to learn more about avian wildlife. Your adoption contribution goes a long way towards helping the birds you love and supporting the dedicated staff and volunteers who care for them.

VINS Provides Care for Wild Birds

Our birds require feeding, cleaning and care seven days a week, year-round. Each time you look at the photo of your adopted bird, or when you give the package as a gift, you will know that you have helped provide the necessities for that special animal for that year, including food, medical care and shelter. VINS takes pride in keeping our animals healthy and happy. When you adopt a bird through RISE, you get to be an important part of that process.







Did You Know?

  • An Owl can eat up to 10% of its body weight daily. 

  • Bald Eagles at VINS are fed close to 1.5 lbs of food every day.

  • We provide special heat lamps for extra warmth in the winter for over half of the birds in our care.

  • About 50% of our animal care budget every year goes just to food!